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About us

If we were asked to describe Urban in three words, we would choose

1. you

2. freedom

3. inspiration

YOU. We created Urban to talk about the unique experiences of millennials, their achievements and fuckups, bold decisions and fears, thoughts and internal conflicts, passion and love for life. Urban is a story about real life, stories without embellishments and filters, stories about people around you every day.

Maybe tomorrow you will become the star of Urban – just because it’s you. That’s enough to admire you.

FREEDOM. To be yourself, to live without restrictions and stereotypes, to spread your wings boldly, to be free in thoughts and actions – we need it as much as you do. Just remember: Urban is your area of ​​complete freedom.

INSPIRATION. It’s a great feeling when you think you can do everything and charge the whole world with your internal batteries! Urban is your daily dose of good mood and inspiration.

What are we writing about?

Our articles help millennials to understand, develop and have fun (hence the names of the rubrics). We do not publish articles that we would not like to read ourselves – and this is our most important rule when creating content.

Our mission is to inspire millennials to live consciously, to be tolerant, courageous, to learn, develop and always believe in themselves.

Our team. What are we?

Brave and a little daring. We are not afraid to do things that go beyond traditional thinking.

Tolerant. We respect the personal boundaries of our readers, those we write about and everyone who works with Urban. We are against any discrimination.

Creative. The dictionary says that creativity is the ability to generate new original ideas and implement them; we are very capable. 🙂

Let’s get to know each other better?

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Uliana Vitiuk


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