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Viktoriia Kudriashova

"I sing songs with my hands." Katya is a sign language interpreter"

7 minutes read
Anastasiia Koval

"There are a lot of wounds on the body in the summer." Nadia has butterfly syndrome

6 minutes read
Inna Miasoid

“I do 4-6 injections of insulin a day. I have diabetes”

11 minutes read
Ivanna Shevchuk

My boyfriend's mother said I was fat for her son. A story of hatred and love for your body

8 minutes read
Halyna Mamchuk

It rages when someone asks if I have already found my other half

Hi, I'm a girl. I'm 25. And today I'm thinking about one of the phrases that particularly irritates me.

Most girls after 20 are probably familiar with this pain: my relatives can't wait when I...

4 minutes read
Viktoriia Kudriashova

Mindfulness: how to learn to live here and now

7 minutes read
Inna Miasoid

"I've been collecting garbage for 20 years"

[Daniil Pavlichenko is an environmental activist (political scientist by education) from the city of Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovska Oblast. In his social networks, the guy promotes a conscious...

7 minutes read

have a tiger by the tail


кидати виклик долі

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