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It rages when someone asks if I have already found my other half

It rages when someone asks if I have already found my other half

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Hi, I’m a girl. I’m 25. And today I’m thinking about one of the phrases that particularly irritates me.

Most girls after 20 are probably familiar with this pain: my relatives can’t wait when I find a boyfriend. And on every occasion they ask: “Have you already found your other half?” This seemingly innocent metaphor causes me great indignation: “Why do I need a half? I have a face, I have two arms, I have two legs. It seems to be whole.” However, my relatives, like most of society, for some reason believe that people without a partner are inferior.

I agree with the phrase “Happiness is real when you share it.” Life tastes better with a partner, as if with a fragrant spice. You can talk to him sincerely, share your fears, throw off a funny gif with a cat, share a delicious dinner and delight in how the sun hides on the horizon of a southern sea. I myself am trying to find a partner.

Still, I’m sorry about the phrase “half” – it sounds like I don’t have anyone yet, I’m just zero whole and five tenths. But I am a self-sufficient person! I organize my life by myself without any difficulties: I know how to cook, I give advice on paying for communal services and I solve small problems with plumbing.

I do not want to identify myself as half – something incomplete. Something that cannot exist without an appendage. I do not agree that I am like an apple cut in half: only my half will suit me, and any other piece will either have a different cut, or will not fit in size, or will taste different. In this case, I have a limited choice – my partner should “suit” perfectly, that’s why he is the only one.

But how to find exactly that half on the planet where 7 billion people live? The mission is almost impossible. And even if I’m lucky enough to find the only one, how can I check that this is my partner? I’m not a cut apple, I don’t stock up on a piece.

And why exactly half? Isn’t it better to be a unit? Half plus half is equal to one, and two units together are already two (or even 11, if you do not add numbers).

So I’m not ready to consider myself half. I am full-fledged in myself, that is why I am looking for not a half for life, but a whole personality – monolithic, strong, formed. He would also do everything personally and, most importantly, have his own preferences, his own opinion, his own unique worldview. Personalities are fascinating! And the halves still need to be glued together somehow. The halves are like freshly bought pants that need to be shortened for yourself.

This concept is meaningless. This phrase annoys me. I don’t need any ephemeral half.

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