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Text for those who doubt whether to get a tattoo

Text for those who doubt whether to get a tattoo

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This text is about: Millennials talk about the advantages and disadvantages of body art.
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Yulia Lobodyuchenko, 24, illustrator and car designer


1. Each of my five tattoos is a memory of something pleasant. For example, I did my first tattoo in honor of entering a master’s degree in Italy. I am a car designer, I studied industrial design in Kyiv and dreamed of entering a foreign university. And when I got it, I stuffed a picture of a BMW Isetta on my hand. And when I found a job in my industry, I got another tattoo – Ferrari Modulo. With my achievements I collect my own vehicle fleet on the body 🙂

2. Tattoos can be used to build a personal brand. Many people remember me as “the girl with Izetta on her arms.” It’s a detail that catches the eye and is easy to remember.

3.Tattooed people and tattoo artists are a separate interesting creative community. One of my tattoos is a gift from a master who came to Milan for a few days, but for technical reasons he was not accommodated in a hotel. He posted a “call” on Instagram asking for help to find him shelter. We had mutual friends, so I invited him to spend the night with me. He turned out to be an interesting person and gave me a tattoo as a token of gratitude. By the way, we are still friends with him.


1. It’s hard to stop with tattoos – you want more and more. And it’s not cheap and painful. Regarding prices: the cost of a tattoo depends on the master, the complexity of the work and its size. For example, a symbol, initials, a simple inscription (1-2 words) will cost about 800 UAN. As for the pain: all the time the level of pain was moderate, but when I wanted to get a tattoo on my finger … It was so painful that I changed my mind (the master made me only one point).

2. For many, tattoos are still associated with prisons. So I often feel some condemnation, mostly from older people who find it necessary to express their “ugh!” to me, even when they are not asked.

3. Excessive anxiety about places where there are tattoos. I have a cat Misha, and every time I play with him, I worry that he might scratch my tattoo. It’s a pity!

*my favorite:
movie: “Iron Man” directed by Jon Favreau
book: “21 Lessons for the 21st Century” by Yuval Noah Harari
place to visit: “Blur і humhum” in Kyiv

Maria Stoyanova, 26, content maker and model


1. 6 years ago I got a tattoo in the form of a cup of coffee. Then I met a guy who wrote a very beautiful song for me “Coffee instead of tea” – about our story. This tattoo reminds me of my first serious relationship. So a tattoo is a great opportunity to engrave for a lifetime the memory of something very important (but here are some “buts”, which I will describe below).

2. Thanks to tattoos you can emphasize your individuality for yourself and others. I recently got a second tattoo – a picture of a snake. This animal symbolizes wisdom, balance and sophistication for me. And my friend filled her life credo with Latin.


1. Over time, tattoos can get boring or lose their meaning. My first tattoo (a cup of coffee) is no longer important to me because I broke up with that guy. I plan to change it for something else.

2. Be prepared for the fact that many people have a negative attitude towards tattoos and do not hesitate to comment on it. For example, I was repeatedly asked in disgust why I spoil my body so much. But I like tattoos, so I don’t pay attention to such comments.

3. Sometimes having a tattoo can be a barrier to getting a job. For example, in the model business, customers want models with a clean body without tattoos and piercings, especially for underwear photo sessions. I had the same experience.

*my favorite:
movie: “I Am Legend” directed by Francis Lawrence
book: “I want and I will” by Mykhailo Labkovskij
place to visit: “Tsukernya Pototskyh” in Khmelnytskyi

Oleg Grishchak, 28, communicator


1. Tattooing has become a completely new, uncommon feeling for me. In the spring of 2014, I made an embroidery tattoo around my leg and got new emotions when I did it.

2. The second plus is aesthetics. If the tattoo looks good, it pleases the eye and does not bore even after many years.

3. A tattoo is like a sign of belonging to a certain club, to a separate party of people who make tattoos or have them on their bodies.


1. You will definitely hear a lot of annoying questions: “what does it mean?”, “Don’t you regret what you did?”, “Did it hurt?” Well, be prepared for incorrect phrases like: “and in prison you will have to explain what it is”. Particularly annoying is the question: “Is it real?” Well, of course, I did not draw it with markers!

2. There is a desire to make more tattoos, but I am a blood donor. If I get new tattoos, I will have to take a long break between donations. I don’t want that. 

3. I often think that a tattoo could be better than it is. Sometimes, doubts overwhelm me – isn’t it too pop a picture I chose?

*my favorite:
movie: “Inglourious Basterds” directed by Quentin Tarantino
book: “1984” by George Orwell
place to visit: “Musafir” in Kyiv.

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