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За кого вболіватимеш на Євро-2020?


Do you believe in a relationship at a distance?


Have you had a positive experience communicating in dating apps?


The first man who made the coming out in the US was

The first famous person to come out in the United States was the poet Robert Duncan. After he announced his orientation, he was discharged from military service in 1941, almost immediately after being drafted. In a 1944 article in the anarchist magazine Politics, the poet declared that homosexuals were a repressed and oppressed minority. Read about the coming-out experience in the Life section.


Are you an owl or a lark?

an owl
a lark

Ukraine took 5th place at Eurovision. Is the result fair?


The first semifinal of Eurovision took place in Rotterdam. Ukrainian band Go-A reached the final. Do you like their performance?

don't like

Pizza Day is celebrated in the United States today. This dish was first prepared in…

Greece and Italy are still vying which country is a homeland of pizza. The Italians attribute the invention of the dish to the ancient Roman general Lucullus, who arranged loud feasts - there was pizza a la napoletana on his table. But the Greeks say that in ancient Greece baked flat cakes with stuffing. The dish was called plakuntos.

Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome

В аромапсихології любов до запаху лимона свідчить, що людина вміє

В аромапсихології аромат лимону відповідає за власні кордони і вміння говорити “ні”. Якщо людина любить цей аромат, значить в неї нема проблем з умінням відмовляти. І навпаки. Більше про любов до запахів (зокрема специфічних) читайте у рубриці "Емоції". :)

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