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Anastasiia Krupka

These millennials endured the fiercest days of the Revolution of Dignity

7 minutes read
Anastasiia Koval

"Each of us is responsible for the protection of Ukraine." What motivates millennials to join the Territorial Defense?

9 minutes read
Inna Miasoid

“I do 4-6 injections of insulin a day. I have diabetes”

11 minutes read
Ivanna Shevchuk

My boyfriend's mother said I was fat for her son. A story of hatred and love for your body

8 minutes read
Halyna Mamchuk

It rages when someone asks if I have already found my other half

Hi, I'm a girl. I'm 25. And today I'm thinking about one of the phrases that particularly irritates me.

Most girls after 20 are probably familiar with this pain: my relatives can't wait when I...

4 minutes read
Inna Miasoid

"I've been collecting garbage for 20 years"

[Daniil Pavlichenko is an environmental activist (political scientist by education) from the city of Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovska Oblast. In his social networks, the guy promotes a conscious...

7 minutes read
Julia Bair

Even vivid impressions can provoke insomnia. I am an insomniac

When I lived in the US, I often noticed the signs "Sleep doctor". There were so many of them that it seemed as if they were the most needed specialist by the locals. For me, the inability to fall...

7 minutes read
Anastasiia Krupka

"After the daughter's coming out, her parents wanted to kick her out of home"

7 minutes read
Oksana Stusyak

"Our rats made a hut in the kitchen and hung out there." About trash (and not only) realities of life with exotic animals

8 minutes read
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