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What’s in the playlist of stand-up comedian Yegor Shataylo?

What’s in the playlist of stand-up comedian Yegor Shataylo?

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This text is about: The 27-year-old comedian shares a selection of favorite tracks.
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Music is an important part of my life. I like to listen to different songs, and most of all – instrumental genres or tracks without words. But rap for me is not music, so I almost don’t listen to it.

I’m looking for tracks on YouTube. I listen to full albums of different artists – so the music conveys its meaning more deeply.

My favorite tracks are not always related to the special stories of my life. Usually it’s just very good music.

Silencer β€”  Sterile Nails And Thunderbowels

I call this track the music of my first love. I’m kidding, of course πŸ™‚ This black metal band’s composition is absolutely obsessive and brutal. But at the same time interesting. It has its own marginal aesthetics.

I liked this song somewhere in the 10th grade. I listened to it so often that it’s perhaps mostly associated with my school. And it makes sense – the track best reflects school life, Ukrainian realities, our teachers and the system.

Robert Parker β€”  Brooklyn Bridge

Synthwave is now a very popular genre in music. It depicts the mood of the 80’s. One such track is Brooklyn Bridge. Listening to him, I even feel jealousy to those who lived in that era. I feel like the main character of one of the films of that time. And it’s a very cool feeling!

Toshiki Kadomatsu β€”  52nd Street Akiko

I first heard this song in 2018. It’s a bit like Brooklyn Bridge in mood, but it’s a real ’80s song. It has a very concentrated melody. I would even say that it sounds like a big city. And I really like big cities. Besides, I just like Japan, I’m learning the language and I want to get to this country.

In the meantime, 52nd Street Akiko helps me concentrate when writing something or relax..

Tortoise β€”  I Set my face to the hillside

This track reminds me of my childhood, although it is not mine, but an imaginary little Italian running on the pavement. The sun is shining and olives are ripening on the trees. I came up with this picture when I first heard this song. And it was so warm in the soul! These emotions are remembered for a long time. I still sometimes turn on the track to remind myself of that warmth.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor β€” Sleep 

This composition is very long. Very, very long. 23 minutes and 17 seconds. I call it an eternal play that seems to turn you outside. I first heard it in 2012 – and just burst into tears. This is the first track that made me experience such emotions.

George Benson β€” Give Me The Night

It was a party in 2016. There were ten of us. One of my friends turned this song on. Everyone started singing along. It was great! Now I turn it on every time I’m in a great mood.

Flue β€” Fancy Free

This is Dutch post punk. I associate the melody with life in Warsaw: winter 2012-2013, I study in exchange in Poland. I remember then I ruined my daily routine – I went to bed around 7 am and slept for 12 hours. So it was always dark and cold outside the window.

During that strange period, I found Flue. These guys conveyed my mood at the time well.

The Gentleman Losers β€”  Spider Lily

That’s what love sounds like! This melody is very sunny. When you listen to it, you seem to feel the rays warm your face. You know, the moment when you just wake up in the morning and the sun starts to blind you a little bit?

In general, The Gentleman Losers are cool dudes, I highly recommend them. I like their cinematic music – not pompous, as Hans Zimmer’s, but very intimate and sensual.