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Why don’t employers pay attention to your resume?

Why don’t employers pay attention to your resume?

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This text is about: Tips to help impress a potential employer before the first meeting. Advice from employee who has successfully passed the interview, recruiters and career counselors.
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Yulia Karmanska, 24, journalist

The last time I got a job, I sent my resume to the editorial office in a Word file. But only few people answered me. Then I decided to format the same information in the Canva program. And voila! They started calling me for interviews! I think employers just saw my creative approach.

When writing such a resume, I chose a restrained style that would not distract from the text content. I indicated the ability to work with texts and videos, because I wanted to connect myself with these forms of content. I also wrote that I own tools Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator. Instead, I did not indicate the features of my character such as stress resistance and punctuality.

In addition, in the resume I indicated the online courses I took (three online courses at Prometheus and EdEra which helped me better understand basic economic concepts). I think they played a crucial role because now I work in the economics department.

My resume takes up one page, because so far I have little experience. Looking for a job, I did not do different resumes for different vacancies, but simply edited a universal file, adding the necessary skills.

Olena Lisovska, team leader Staffing Partner

I am a recruitment specialist, I have been working in IT recruitment since 2018. I believe that when writing a resume, candidates should know how the hiring process works from the inside.

Usually, each recruiter works with at least five vacancies, and there are companies where one specialist has 10-15 positions. Some vacancy announcements may receive more than a hundred reviews. That’s why we appreciate concise resumes, not six-page files with lots of extra information. Often we just do not have time to observe them.

For some vacancies, specific experience is key. For example, if the requirements have three years of commercial experience and the candidate has only one and a half, then we do not even consider his resume. Also, if a specific project requires experience with Kafka technology, and the candidate has not worked with it, he will also not be invited for an interview, although a person may be talented in another.

Applicants often resort to cheating in the resume as to their level of English proficiency. But in the interview from the first minute it is clear whether the withered level of B2 was true. We say goodbye to those who deceive.

When I am sent a resume, I do not pay attention to the file format, but I really like when the key information is highlighted in bright colors. This simplifies the perception of information.

Photos are not always important. It makes the resume more personalized, but does not affect the result.

Nazar Kravets, recruiter of MBA Strategy and ZNO.UA

A well-designed resume gives the candidate more chances to be invited for an interview. It should be structured, workplaces are specified with specific periods, the functionality possessed by the person is described in detail.

I am surprised when applicants send irrelevant resumes. For example, for the vacancy of sales manager – a resume of a marketer.

Sometimes I get a resume with a full-length photo or strange photos from social networks. This is unprofessional. This in the resume is more repulsive than attractive.

If the applicant’s mail is not in a business style (for example, flower123@…) — this is not critical, but affects the formation of the first impression. But what is really annoying is when the e-mail is specified and there is no phone number.

Natalia Dobrovlyanska, career consultant

It is important to indicate the purpose of your resume — that is, the position you are applying for. For example, finding a job as a HR manager in a manufacturing company. It is better to avoid vague phrases such as “find a company in which you could realize your potential”.

Work experience should be indicated in chronological order: company name and scope of activity, position, period of work and clearly defined your responsibilities (actual responsibilities, not a copy of the template job description). Significant achievements make a good impression on the employer, such as “creating a department from scratch”, “increasing the number of sales by 30%”.

Often companies are looking for a person with specialized education and no work experience to bring up a specialist for themselves. In this case, the recruitment specialist may be interested in your education, internship experience, awards and part-time work, language skills and mastery of highly specialized programs.

Knowledge of MS Office should be the default for office workers, so “confident PC user” should not be specified. It is better to emphasize the possession of professional programs.

When evaluating a resume, I pay attention to literacy — spelling or mechanical errors always make a negative impression on the candidate.

Photo resumes are better remembered than a plain text file. But the photo should be in a business style — this applies to both the background and the appearance of the person. Photos in uniform (for chefs, hairdressers, doctors) can work well in a resume.

If your social media page describes you as an expert in a particular field (there are professional posts and photos, links to literature or news from your field), then a link to it should be added. Otherwise — no.

Sometimes creative professionals or IT developers use a carefully completed Linkedin profile as an alternative to a resume. For designers, a profile on Behance or Dribbble with examples of work or a link to a portfolio can be a kind of business card. For developers — links to their projects on the App Store, Play Market or repository with code.

But, as a rule, the above things are often still a supplement to the classic resume, because the basic information about the experience, education or companies in which they previously worked, candidates send in a standard format.

Now new resume formats are practiced — video resumes, presentations. This usually works in the creative spheres. If you are applying for the position of financial manager or economist, it is better to follow the standard formats.