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I want to work in the Bambuk design studio. What is in their office?

I want to work in the Bambuk design studio. What is in their office?

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This text is about: How the company's office is arranged, what are the benefits for employees and how to join the team.
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Business card

Bambuk is a design company founded in 2006. It employs 20 professionals who develop websites, logos and styles, as well as branding, illustration and advertising. The company’s creative director is Oles Kucherenko, the operational director is Yuriy Tychenko, and the technical director is Lesyk Nesterenko.

Urban has visited the company’s office in Lviv at 21 Maksyma Zaliznyaka Street.

Office arrangement

The team works in a two-floored building. On the second floor there is a work area. On the walls note boards. In the corner are folded white paper whatmans that are used to write team strategies and work plans for the day.

On the ground floor there is a kitchen and a large hall with a seating area.

The kitchen has a coffee machine. Next to the entrance to the kitchen is a mini-garden where greenery grows. It is cared for by everyone who wants it. In general, the space is filled with various plantings at almost every step there are vases with palm trees and ficus.

In the recreation area, workers play board games and badminton. There is also a large interactive panel for watching movies together, which is arranged once a week. The last time we watched the comedy, directed by Jonas Elmer “New in Town” in the original language.

The office adheres to the concept of dog friendly, so dogs run between desks. “I often take Waffy’s dog with me to work, says copywriter Inna Kucher. I warn about it in the special chat which we created for owners of animals: there we agree who and when takes a dog with himself. This is to prevent conflicts between animals. By the way, when hiring, everyone is asked if they sometimes have allergies to wool”.

A typical working day

The working day at Bambuk begins with a meeting. At such meetings, employees talk about their plans for the day and share the work done over the past day. “It allows you to understand how things are going with a particular project, if necessary, to help each other”, says the manager of the design studio Olga Datsyuk.

Final meetings are held every Friday, where the team’s achievements and defeats for the week are determined and mistakes are analyzed.

“At these meetings, we praise and give feedback to each other. This allows us to choose the right direction for further movement,” explains Olga Datsyuk.

Work during quarantine

Most professionals work remotely. The company says that the office is mostly visited by employees who find it difficult to adjust to productive work and organize their time at home properly. “We solve all issues in working chats and on bells during the week”, Olga Datsyuk shares.

Relationship with management

The company says that all employees have contacts with managers and can contact them directly if necessary. “We have a horizontal management structure”, explains Olga Datsyuk.

You can address each other in Bambuk in an informal way. “Even to the top management we say so. We believe that this format of communication allows everyone to feel comfortable in the team, regardless of age or position”, adds the communicator of the design studio. 

How to get a job here?

The company says that they always have few vacancies an average of 1-2 per month. Now they are looking for an illustrator with more than 2 years of experience. If you send managers your e-mail resume with a list of skills, you can get into the internal personnel reserve and you may later receive an invitation to an interview.

“That’s how I got into Bambuk,” says Inna Kucher, who has worked for the company for more than a year. “When I started looking for a job, I immediately wrote a letter to managers offering my services. I come up with creative slogans for their projects. I send my work to the designer for visual embodiment”.

“And I found a vacancy on work.ua”, says illustrator Oksana Kindzer, who has been working for the company for a month. “I was offered a test task I had to create a field for a board game. And I coped with it”.

Strategist Lydia Zabrodskaya has been working at Bambuk for about a year. She says she joined the company by writing a cover letter to executives about her education and skills: “The company liked my initiative, so I was invited to work together, even though it was unstable due to the start of quarantine. Now I analyze the market every day, the work of various companies, including our competitors. I also read customer reviews on social networks to understand how to improve the brand image. I take all this into account when creating strategies”.

Olga Datsyuk adds: “We are interested in talented people who are ready to work”.

Information about the salary in the position you want to hold, you can find out during the interview. There is no fixed rate, all employees receive bonuses for work performed.

Professional dream of the team

 “We want to cooperate not only with Ukrainian but also with world brands. We also plan to improve the exterior of our office and add even more greenery to the interior”, says Olga Datsyuk. 

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