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I want to work for the IT company Jooble. What do they have in their office?

I want to work for the IT company Jooble. What do they have in their office?

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This text is about: How the company's office in Kyiv is arranged, what are the advantages of employees and how to join the team.
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About the company

Jooble is an international job search site launched in 2006. The resource is used in 71 countries.

In Ukraine and Hungary, Jooble operates as a classic job search site: employers are provided with access to paid recruitment tools. In other countries, Jooble works as an aggregator – selling traffic to job search sites.

Jooble was founded by Roman Prokofiev and Yevgeny Sobakaryov.

In Ukraine, Jooble employs 580 people. The company has offices in Lutsk and Uzhhorod, and its main office is located in Kyiv.

Urban visited the capital’s office at 71 Kostiantynivska Street.

Office arrangement

The company is located on floors 1-3 of the shopping center. The total area of ​​the office is 2800 square meters.

On the ground floor there is an informal area with a bar, board games and musical instruments.

“Our employees can use this room at any time,” said Yulia Antonyuk, Jooble’s PR manager. read 100 pages a week and discuss them during the meeting. Now we do it online. “

The main work area is located on the 2nd floor. There is a huge open space, 4 large and 16 small meeting rooms.

Some employees have fixed jobs, and most choose “a hot desk location”.. – take what is available. They are marked with stickers of different colors – “It’s taken” or “It’s free”. And for employees who prefer standing work, there are special tables on the third floor of the office.

On the territory of open space there are three vending machines with coffee and snacks. And in the kitchen – fresh vegetables and fruits, milk, yogurt, meat and cheese snacks, bread … The company provides products for employees. 

“The list of products is constantly changing, depending on the requests of employees. The company’s managers regularly conduct relevant surveys. After the last one, we have couscous, pate, cheese spreads and yogurt in the kitchen,” says Yaroslava Gerasimova, IT recruiter.

There is also a gym on the 2nd floor. Here you can organize a section of interest: dancing, yoga, kickboxing, football or volleyball. Employees invite a trainer, and the company covers 50% of the cost of training. Next to the gym there is a locker room, shower and three bedrooms. 

There are many live plants in the office. On the second floor there is a winter garden where workers rest.

There are 150 lecture halls for internal presentations and events.

After the medical training, the company has its own defibrillator.

Jooble collects batteries and recycles garbage.

On one of the walls – the inscription “Per aspera ad astra” (Through the thorns to the stars). The company’s employees consider it their motto.

Typical working day

From January 1st, 2021, the company switched to remote-first format – employees are allowed to work from anywhere in the world. Currently, most Jooble employees in Ukraine work remotely. All the necessary technical equipment for such work is provided to the employee by the company.

Jooble says the company does not have a clear work schedule. Usually the day here starts at 8-10 am. Employees note: no one keeps track of how much time you spend at work or leisure, because the main thing is the result of your work.

Employees in the company are divided into teams. Each determines its own schedule of meetings to discuss the state of work.

Relationship with management

The founders of Jooble work together with other employees in open space. A separate room is allocated only for accounting.

Here it is accepted to communicate informally. Every employee, the company says, can communicate directly with management.

“If an employee needs feedback from one of the founders, they schedule an eye-to-eye meeting. And you can just talk to the managers in the kitchen – they have lunch with us,” said Julia Lisnyanska, people partner.


The company offers its employees insurance, compensation of 50% of training costs. Also a free online library (if the desired book is not available, you can order it with Jooble cost) and events within the company – such as Cake Day or Coffee Day. And once a quarter there is a birthday party – themed parties in honor of people who celebrated their birthdays at this time.

How to get a job here?

Today, there are vacancies in almost every department: Jooble is looking for a sales manager, UX Researcher, SQL Developer, PPC specialist and others.

Vacancies can be found on the company’s website. There you can fill out the appropriate application form for the position. After that, wait for a call from recruiters. Then, an hour-long interview. At this stage, the applicant’s competencies are checked. Subsequently, a test task or technical interview is possible, depending on the position. At the final stage, the interview is conducted by one of the founders of the company or a top manager.

Jooble says that they have great career opportunities, the main thing is that the employee shows good results. “98% of team leaders grew up in the company. An employee who came to us for the position of outreach manager, seven years later became the head of this area,” says Julia Lisnyanska, people partner.

The company has a tool “Rating 360” – a comprehensive feedback from four sides of the work: the employee shares his own impressions of the work, and then it is evaluated by the team leader, colleagues and the client. This, they say in Jooble, makes it possible to assess the level of maturity of the employee, his knowledge and willingness to receive promotion.

“Horizontal growth is very popular here – employees of different departments change the direction of their work. For example, a girl from the sales department today helps to hire remote employees,” says Yulia Lisnyanska.

By the way, the average age of the company’s employees is 27 years. Jooble in Ukraine employs 52% of men and 48% of women.

Jooble salary information is confidential.

Projects that the company is proud of

During the pandemic, Jooble created the “Hands” project, a subdomain of the company’s website that collected more than 5,000 job vacancies. They can be found in all cities of Ukraine. Together with the creative agency Banda, the team made a video in which they talked about the importance of such employees.

The professional dream of the team

The company says they dream that everyone could find a job in a day.

“I want Jooble to be the world’s first job search site,” adds Yulia Lisnyanska.

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