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I want to work in the SWEET.TV online cinema. What do they have in the office?

I want to work in the SWEET.TV online cinema. What do they have in the office?

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This text is about: How the company's office in Kyiv is arranged, what are the advantages of employees and how to join the team.
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About the company

SWEET TV is a Ukrainian OTT service (a digital distribution platform that provides live TV and video signals over the Internet). It includes an online cinema and internet TV, which broadcasts more than 260 channels.

The company was founded in Kyiv in 2017 and collaborates with Ukrainian and Hollywood film studios (Disney, Paramount, Universal, Sony, etc.), and in August 2020 began to create Ukrainian-language dubbing for Hollywood classic films.

The founder of SWEET TV is Oleksandr Vitko, the manager is Oleksandr Rezunov. The team works in Kyiv and also has an office in Mariupol, where it started as an Internet provider in 2009.

Urban visited the company’s capital office, located at 7 Mykola Vasylenko Street. Top managers, specialists in content, advertising, marketing and PR, administrative and financial services, and lawyers work here.

Office arrangement

The team works on the 2nd floor of the business center. The workspace consists of an open-space and two small meeting rooms. The total area of ​​the office is 150 square meters.

In addition to workplaces, the open space has a seating area: two soft sofas and several small TVs. There is a coffee machine in the kitchen.

Approximately 50 people work in the office every day. The rest of the SWEET TV team still performs work tasks remotely. “During the quarantine, the company’s staff doubled, as the demand for online cinema has grown significantly,” said company manager Olexandr Rezunov.

A typical working day

The team mainly works from 9:00 to 18:00. You can choose any convenient time for lunch.

The company says that they do not control the progress of tasks by employees: the main thing is to show the result and meet the deadline.

SWEET TV operates on the OKR system (from the English. “Objectives and results” – “goals and key results”). The week at the company is divided into small “checkpoints”, which together form a global goal. Monday begins with a general work meeting at Zoom, where the team synchronizes workflows and brainstorms. The same meetings are held every morning in some departments: they summarize what has been done and set goals for the next working day. This allows you to monitor the results that the team should achieve during the month, quarter or year.

Relationships in the team and with the management

SWEET TV has a horizontal model of organization, so, as they say in the company, everyone can ask the head of an unplanned vacation, salary increase, career growth. It was after such a conversation, says the manager, that the designer became the company’s creative manager.

According to SWEET TV, employees have good career prospects. For example, a former hr-manager of the company began to manage a strategic project, and employees from the technical support department were able to form a new IT team.


You can improve your skills in the company for free. SWEET TV employees choose the courses they need – they don’t have to be relevant to their current position: for example, an IT professional can learn marketing at the expense of the company if he or she proves to the management the benefit of a new job skill.

By the way, the team has the traditional “mass purchases of fast food” – on a certain day of the week, employees are advised on what to eat: pizza or burgers.

How to get a job here?

Today there are no vacancies in the company, but due to the rapid development of the service they appear often. Updates should be monitored on employment sites. You can nominate your candidacy by sending your resume to hr@sweet.tv.

“The main requirements for a SWEET TV employee are diligence and dedication to work. Qualification is definitely important, but you can increase knowledge while working. Although it is difficult to get to us without work experience at all, because we usually look for narrow specialists”, says Olexandr Rezunov.

Mandatory trial period on SWEET TV is 2 months. It is paid in the same way as work.

The amount of salary in SWEET TV is not named. It is claimed that it is above average and is reviewed every year.

The professional dream of the team

Employees say they dream that the Ukrainian service SWEET TV will stand next to the world’s best platforms Netflix and Amazon.

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