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Oksana Stusyak

How to stop buying what you don't really need? The experience of Petro, Angelina and Diana

8 minutes read

How to compost organic waste in the apartment: the experience of millennials

11 minutes read
Anastasiia Krupka

Tracks that motivate to take up work

Пісні, які допомагають міленіалам зробити нудні домашні справи не такими нудними.

4 minutes read
Anastasiia Koval

You don't need expensive courses and marathons to master the business you are passionate about

7 minutes read
Inna Vashulenko

Dislike, unsubscribe. Why haven't I been following bloggers for 9 months?

5 minutes read
Vitalii Mikula

How to plan effectively so as not to waste your life? Tips and life hacks

Millennials talk about how planning helps them achieve their goals, and share interesting techniques.

11 minutes read