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Hey mom, I’m a streamer. 5 tips to help you make money on video games

Hey mom, I’m a streamer. 5 tips to help you make money on video games

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I became interested in video games in 2003, when my parents bought me a computer. My first game was “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” (by the way, it was the game that prompted me to read all the books in this series). After some time I already had thirty CDs with different genres of games. But I didn’t have teammates. Online games were not common in our country then. In general, this was a time when there were no providers that could give fast access to the network at all, and the Internet served as a postman. In the end, I gave up this hobby. But not forever.

How to relax your brains?

In my third year at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, I started having fun with online games like World of Warcraft, Dota 2 – so I relaxed my brain. In 2012, I saw the first letsplays — videos in which gamers show how the game goes and comment on the whole process. I remember in one of them the author evaluated the game of the Ukrainian NaVi team in the international tournament of Dota 2. The team won and received one million dollars (it was that moment computer games began to be taken more seriously in Ukraine).

Within a year, streamers have become popular — a kind of broadcasters that demonstrate their game live or comment on well-known online tournaments with Dota 2 or Counter Strike. Among them were well-known e-sports players who had previously participated in international tournaments – Dread, Solo, Dendi, Zeus. And also known commentators – V1lat, Casperr.

At that time, it was not possible to conduct an online broadcast on YouTube, so many streamers have earned a reputation on the American platform Twitch — there you could play and chat with viewers. It was something unusual! In addition to popularity, the streamer received money for subscriptions to his channel ($ 3.99), and for advertising. Many spectators signed up for the year to support their favorite player. Some sent money through online wallets directly to the streamer itself. Famous streamers gathered around them up to twenty thousand spectators. For a 4-6-hour broadcast, they received donations of a thousand dollars, and sometimes more. At the same time, many Ukrainian gamers, who at that time were mostly students, realized that video games can be well earned, and therefore began to stream.

I didn’t have the opportunity to do online streaming, but I watched dozens of broadcasts and met many teammates. So I know what makes a streamer successful.

Don’t even start without good equipment

Streaming requires investment. New games are needed to keep the viewer interested, and they need good computer hardware. Many “young stars” place aims of donations for new video cards and processors. But guess how many viewers are attracted to such a broadcast? Most people do not accept the poor picture, where it is unclear who is begging them for money to buy a cool computer. So you should start streaming when you have a normal microphone, webcam and computer that allows you to broadcast and play without lags and freezes.

People love charismatic

A financial contribution would be meaningless if the streamer lacks charisma. For people to subscribe, you have to be interesting. First of all, you should ask yourself the question: what is  special in this or that letsplayer? For example, there are streamers who turn their mistakes in the game into jokes. There are a lot of viewers for such a broadcast, because it raises the mood. So find your role for which the viewer will love you.

You can’t ignore chat

Remember that the broadcasts are watched by real people who perceive the streamer as a friend. Therefore, you can’t ignore the chat, you need to respond to interesting messages during pauses in the game. And don’t be afraid to ban those who insult others or provoke rudeness.

When broadcasting new games, you can talk about their pros and cons. This will help viewers to form their impression of them. And also revive the chat.

Just don’t mumble!

Confidence in the voice is another guarantee of success. No wonder that streamers practise their pronunciation. The broadcast, in which the player mumbles or rarely comments on his actions, immediately gets bored.

It won’t work out quickly

For a streamer’s career to be successful, you need to spend at least 3-4 hours a day playing games. Streams may not be daily, but their schedule should be stable — only then the audience will grow. Stream marathons lasting from 12 to 24 hours are one of the best ways to interest new people. By the way, it is interesting when at the end of the stream the player talks about his plans for the next broadcast.

*my favorite:
games: Rust, Portal 2, Satisfactory
movies: ‘Pearl Harbor’ directed by Michael Bay; Morten Tildum’s ‘Imitation Game’;
songs: Eminem ft. Ed Sheeran – River; Chord Overstreet – Hold On;
book: ‘Time Machine’ by Herbert Wells