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Cooperation and advertising

Who reads Urban?

Our audience is primarily the millennial generation, people aged 20-40.

Their interests include self-development, work, travel, books, cinema, gastronomy, photography, social networks, music, psychology, ecology, sports, health, fashion, science, and art.

What advertising is effective for such an audience?

Unobtrusive. That is why Urban works in the format of native advertising. These are materials that not only inform about the product or service, but also give the reader useful information. It also builds the audience’s respect for the brand.

What types of cooperation does Urban offer?


Articles about a new or existing service

Advanced overview

Articles about a new or existing service +photo and video report


Cognitive articles related to the subject of your brand, which will mention your product or service


A series of materials (3-5) combined into one topic related to the theme of your brand

Special project with the support of the company

General cognitive topic to support the brand’s own image

Photo project

Advertising a product or service in a photo report


Thematic test with the support of a company with branded illustrations

Brief overview

A brief overview of different goods or services in one text


A journalist will test a product or service and write an article with an honest response

What is required of you?

We provide a full package of services: from creating ideas for effective advertising of your brand to writing texts, photography, video layout. All you need to do is choose the ideas you like 🙂

How much does it cost?

To find out the cost of advertising, write to urban.ads.urban@gmail.com (the contact form is on this page below). After reviewing the information about your product or service, as well as your inquiries, the manager will present you with proposals indicating the cost. You can also count on discounts: we regularly create packages of favorable offers, as well as arrange sales.

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